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A piston is compressing with a certain force onto an assembly of granular materials. No gravity is acting. The Material is very soft, so there are oscillations.

Demo Simulation

A small movie, showing a tinkertoy-setup involving dominos and a seesaw. This was produced for the open day of the university 1998 and aims to impress non-scientists. It also demonstrates the versatility of our program.

Funnel I

We have a hopper, filled with about 1300 particles. We can see the funnel-flow of the grains. At the end, two particles on the upper left are stuck.

Funnel II

Now we have the same geometry as in the other funnel, but the shape of the particles was initialized slightly different. The hopper is not blocked.

Funnel Open Day

A small movie, showing pattern formation. This was produced for the open day of the university 1999 and aims to impress non-scientists. The head which forms is the portrait of Otto von Guericke, Mayor of Magdeburg, who first demonstrated the effect of air pressure via 2 evacuated half-spheres made from iron. The portrait is the seal of the University of Magdeburg. It also demonstrates the versatility of our program.

Galton Board

The Galton Board is a device to explain binomial distributions. It consists of a board that has a large amount of pins fixed to it. These pins are arranged in regular horizontal rows so that the pins form a triangle with its base at the bottom of the board.


Dieser Film zeigt den Einsturz eines Kartenhauses. Die Setup-Datei wurde mit Hilfe von xfig erstellt. Ohne die Implementierung eines Gesetzes für Coulomb/statische Reibung wäre die Anfangskonfiguration nicht stabil.

Nudged hopper

This  example shows a hopper with a small outlet and a few large particles. The hopper blocks twice. The clogging is removed by tapping the hopper, so that all particles are accelerated upwards.

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