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Funnel demo

A small movie, showing pattern formation. This was produced for the open day of the university 1999 and aims to impress non-scientists. The head which forms is the portrait of Otto von Guericke, Mayor of Magdeburg, who first demonstrated the effect of air pressure via 2 evacuated half-spheres made from iron. The portrait is the seal of the University of Magdeburg. It also demonstrates the versatility of our program.



This movie shows the collaps of a house of cards. The Setup file was made with the use of xfig. Without the implementation of a law for Coulomb/ static friciton, the initial configuration would not be stable.



In general, collisions makes granular materials most interesting. For this movie, I tried to avoid collisions!


Rotating Drum

A rotating drum with a mixture of many small and a few large particles.



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